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Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Edit Syndicate?
Ans: Edit Syndicate do not stop at editing documents, we go about documents first by general proofreading before editing and formatting them to meet the standard and style of the individual customer or organizational requirement.

How do I send my documents to Edit Syndicate?
Ans: Edit Syndicate welcome documents submitted as e-mail attachments to her mail address: proofreadforme@editsyndicate.com and proofreadforme@gmail.com.

How long does it take my documents to be proofread and edited by Edit Syndicate?

Ans: Documents sent to Edit Syndicate are proofread, edited, formatted and sent back to owners within 72 hours.

Am I required to pay a fee for my article sent to Edit Syndicate?
Ans: Edit Syndicate charge a document proofreading fee of $120 for each article between 1-20 pages. This fee excludes services for tables and figures.

Does my article fee depend on word count/number of pages?
Ans: Document proofreading fee in Edit Syndicate is determined by the number of pages of an article.

Do I have to make payment before processing my article?
Ans: Authors are required to pay the document proofreading fee after a manuscript has been accepted for proofreading/editing.

How well is the service of Edit Syndicate?
Ans: Most documents that were initially rejected by publication firms were later accepted after they were processed by Edit Syndicate.

What style will be used to edit my document?
Ans: Edit Syndicate format documents based on the style recommended by the authors.

Is Edit Syndicate website safe?
Ans: Edit Syndicate use the most up-to-date website security features available. The Management of Edit Syndicate also require that all of her staff sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your document. Confidentiality is an ethic in Edit Syndicate; documents accepted for editing are not and will not be used without the authors’ consent. Copyright solely belongs to authors.

Does Edit Syndicate effect reviewers’ comment on articles submitted?
Ans: No, Edit Syndicate do not effect reviewers’ comments on behalf of authors, we only edit and format articles.

Does Edit Syndicate have experts in various academic fields?
Ans: Yes, Edit Syndicate has over 100 experts across various academic fields.

Does Edit Syndicate editing service include formatting?
Ans: No, Edit Syndicate do not automatically include formatting in all of her editing services because not all customers require formatting, and some may not have selected a target journal.

Will Edit Syndicate help me to reduce the word count of my paper?
Ans: No, Edit Syndicate do not shorten manuscripts or rewrite any text.

Do Edit Syndicate guarantee my paper will get published?
Ans: Publication is a subjective process, so Edit Syndicate are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use her services. Edit Syndicate do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper for free if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language alone.

Can Edit Syndicate translation my manuscript for me?
Ans: No, Edit Syndicate do not offer manuscript translation for papers that are not in English. If you are interested in preparing a paper for journal submission and it is in Portuguese, Spanish, or Chinese, you may sick translation service elsewhere and have it translated to English Language first before submitting it to Edit Syndicate.

What if my references are in the wrong order? My citations use numbers (e.g., [1]) but the journal's citations use names (e.g., (Author, 2011)). Will Edit Syndicate fix this?
Ans: Yes, Edit Syndicate will reorder your citations and references as needed, convert citations and references to the journal's format, and if necessary, correct content based on information in published databases.

Should I have my tables formatted?
Ans: Yes, Journals require that tables be submitted in a text format (usually Microsoft Word) for in-house formatting, which comes standard with Edit Syndicate manuscript formatting service.

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